Webflow to Shopify (just one page, is it possible?)

Hey guys, I have a client that has a shopify website and they want me to build take an existing page I have built in Webflow and transfer it to Shopify using Udesly. I know this is possible but my question is this.

I know you have to import the project as a theme and then publish the theme. They have a bunch of pages and a full on ecommerce operation in Shopify. If I were to upload the new theme to shopify for the one page would it affect the rest of their shopify site since I would be replacing their existing theme?

Is it possible to import one page from webflow to shopify and keep the existing pages on the same theme the are currently on?

I’d recommend just exporting the project (with the single page) and adding it manually to the Shopify storefront as a separate template. I cover the basic idea in my post below:

Let me know if you’ve got any questions :+1:

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