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Built Stunning Landing Page - What Next?


I believe i doing really good in designing using web-flow and i see lot of work related to designing of stunning landing pages . Im competent to do the same but how my clients can use them , they have existing websites on square-space , wordpress etc

I understand I can export code , but what next ?

Please help

You either:

  • Host with Webflow (easiest solution)
  • Convert exported code into a theme for existing CMS (Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, etc.)

Do note that if you are hosting with Webflow, and clients have an existing hosting plan elsewhere, you need to setup the domain name’s MX address to avoid disruption of email.

Thanks @samliew I appreciate you response

I have been doing umpteen research on converting webflow code to wordpress , shopify etc
But to be honest I get scared when I run through the posts like convert through ultimatum .

From designers perspective , Is there a sure shot & most easiest way to convert code into themes for existing CMS

If not easy , what is the sure shot way to do so

Please Help Thanks

There is no easy/best/right way to do it.

At this step, you have two options:

  • Learn how to create a theme by reading the CMS’ documentation, and look at a few simple theme examples
  • Hire a developer specialized in that CMS to convert it for you

Thanks @samliew , Its not my cup of tea at the moment , If I hire right developer will he be able to translate it , which works as good as it was on webflow or their will be some minor bugs . I mean to ask how easy it is for an highly experienced developer to do this.

It should be easy, as the developer just needs to plug in server-side code to print out the content from the CMS, and probably create template files like header/footer.

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Are your clients wanting to make use of a landing page that you create for them for a specific marketing campaign, yet still use their current website for general purposes? If so, host with Webflow and just set up a redirect code in the head tag of their current website. That way visitors will be kicked over to the landing page in Webflow. Somewhere on your landing page make sure there is a button that links to their full website.
Unless you’re saying they want you to build them an entire website in whatever platform they are currently using. In that case, yes, you’ll need to export Webflow to their platform.

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Your suggestion is quite good and somehow I tired to convince client about landing page at my end and then its like they ask Whyyy ?
And Im… like not going to revel the secret that is webflow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d tell them that you don’t specialize in Wordpress, squarespace, Etc. and that the most cost effective option would to be hosting the landing page with you (webflow). Otherwise you’re willing to export your code and set up the landing page on their platform but they’ll have to pay to have that done.
Convince them to host with you, blow their minds with your skills, and then go in for the kill (rebuild their entire web in Webflow) :+1:t3: