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Integrating webflow page content with shopify pages

I am looking to use webflow as my design maker for page content and then post it on my shopify pages. Shopify’s text editor for creating content is aweful. Once i find the right solution for this one project, i will then use the same software for future projects, Any ideas or help would be great. The biggest issue is how to get the webflow page content to shopify page

Check this out.

If you read the question. It is not about embedding shopify products into webflow at all. It is about taking the webflow code and putting it inside shopify page.
Please read the discussion properly

Can you explain a little bit better what you mean by this? What do you think the end result would look like?

the end result of what it would look like, is that any page i create on webflow will be posted on shopify. I will not be publishing pages with webflow for this project as the customer has tons of products. For future projects that only require content or couple of pages, i will use webfow and publish those. The key is webflow provides better tools and layout for creating page body content.

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Sorry I honestly don’t think this is possible, let alone a straightforward or easily replicable process. Let’s just flirt with the idea that it is possible… these would be the steps:

  1. Build your site in Webflow
  2. Export the code from Webflow (requires a $20/month plan)
  3. Upload your HTML, css, js, and other files to Shopify (problem step)
  4. Integrate your client’s Shopify content with the uploaded website

Steps 3 and 4 would be a nightmare for you. Considering your desired end goal, I highly encourage you to build your client’s site in Webflow and use the Shopify integration to host the content easily. Same end goal, yet it’s easier on all parties and will take less time. You will need to pay a Webflow hosting plan.

Also, you say “the customer has tons of products” as the reason why you won’t be publishing pages with Webflow, but I don’t see this as a problem considering Webflow is very powerful for handling embedded Shopify content of any size as well as multiple sites with multiple pages.

Let me know your thoughts.


Right now I can past the html in the page tab inside shopify The only thing i would be creating in webflow would be the page content. I would take the html code and past inside shopify, I have used shopify for 2 sites now. Last one was 5,000 products, and this was 600 products with 600 product options. That is 360,000 combinations if i had to make each product possible. So using the product options with radius zones has left me with 4200 combinations.
The other issue is shopify has was better eco system of apps and tools. The only thing shopify doesn’t have is a good page creation tool. There are 2 apps on the app eco, but they are too high a price for the value they bring. thus why i was looking for another tool that i can use on several projects, , including landing type pages.

Thanks for your answer, I know there is easy way when you have the html, css and js from webflow. I have pasted lots of snippets into themes. This time is it page content, and just a bigger file.


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