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Webflow SEO VS. Wordpress SEO Plugins


I am currently debating on moving some of my websites to Webflow but when I created my free account to test the CMS I was looking simply at the SEO capabilities of Webflow in comparison with WP SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or RankMath.

With either of those SEO plugins you can enter specific keywords you would want this page to rank for and I was not able to see that with Webflow.

Or also with WP SEO plugins you can easily do SCHEMA markups and optimize your structured date of the site which helps your local SEO.

Does such functions exist with Webflow?



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Hi @johnnydrama1904,

Meta Keywords is a deprecated technique nowadays, this is why Webflow doesn’t provide it.

For schema markups, you can use JSON-LD or Micro Data according to google guidelines.

I have a preference for JSON-LD and you can use generators such as this one:

You can then tie things up with dynamic data from the CMS. In some cases micro data could be more appropriate though.

As you have discovered, it’s a far more manual custom code affair in Webflow. You will need to add your json schema, canonical. You will have to optimise keywords in copy offsite. I was testing this out the other day The upside of no SEO plug-ins is just that. Not bloat and you get to learn onsite code optimisation in your own right.

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yeah. Thanks…

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