Seo help in setting up: Focus Keywords, SEO settings on detail page and rich snippets

Hi Webflow,

For a new client i’m creating their website and want to use webflow to develop it. But the marketing employee of this new client is used to use Wordpress and the Yoast Set plugin. I have some questions which i need answered to convince them to use Webflow.

  1. Can we use Focus Keywords on a page?
  2. Can I edit the SEO and Open Graph information on a detail page. So that when my client shares a self created page (for example news page) he can control which image and text will be displayed when he shares in online.
  3. Can we use or add Rich Snippets on a page.


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  1. there is no such thing as “focus keyword” in the real world. This is only used by Yoast and other WP plugins to designate a word tht represent well your content. Once you’ve decided what word represent your content, you should use it in the title, headings, first paragraph of your content, and in the URL, to maximize SEO on this word.
    In Webflow, you can add a CMS field named Focus Keyword, and then call it in your SEO and Open Graph descriptions. Basically, do manually what Yoast do semi automatically (Yoast scan the content to propose you a keyword and, I assume, edit the title, URL etc automatically.

  2. Yet. Not only you can but you can call CMS data, mix them, arrange them… so cool

  1. AFAIK yes, with custom code, nothing prevents you not to use rich snippets. But for a btter answer give me examples of what you should add and how.

Ha Vincent,

Thanks for the quick and complete reply!
I totally forgot the custom SEO per CMS page. I will use that to generate the correct mega tags for every detail page. To give my client the freedom I can also add an input field that is only used as meta tag but not displayed on the website. So is the marketing employee in total control if he wants that

I will get back on the rich snippet later when i know what they want to do with it.