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Schema, Microformat, Itemscope etc

Hello @thesergie @callmevlad @Ow_Ma

In the following older post about using Schema with CMS blog posts below, there was talk about moving towards having Schema in the CMS.

It would be great to have a more natural way to get rich-snippets and micro-formats into the CMS. And, for my company having rich-snippets is vital for SEO and SERP.

Could you provide an update on any progress or on-track work behind the scenes towards putting Schema and Microformats 2, Itemscope etc. into the CMS?

On another note, does anyone else have insight into how best to get microformats into blog posts?

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Hey @Avi_Lambert!
Did you ever get this figured out? I am running up against the same thing… hoping for some assistance in getting this implemented for a current project. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!

Hi @Avi_Lambert,

You can use JSON-LD in the head code of your blog post and then use dynamic links to fill in the values.

It should look like this:

You can use the following site to generate the json you need:

Hey @AndreaShepherd, @ColibriMedia shared it well about how to get it started. That said for JSON-LD it would be best to use a generator to make it much easier. I highly recommend the below for creating your JSON-LD to automate creating it.

One key difference between Webflow and other sites, you need to ensure where the code goes between templates and pages. For templated pages, you want to use the customized fields as @ColibriMedia suggested to avoid duplication. So for that, you would need to edit the custom code section of the template page.

Here’s the JSON-LD generator I use:

A few other tools for SEO that I found that are massively helpful for SEO on Webflow: