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SEO With Webflow Pluggin on Wordpress


I use webflow as editor and wordpress for hosting and pluggins. I was wondering where the SEO is handled, on Webflow side or Wordpress ? I installed Yoast on my wordpress account and have the impression it doesn’t have any impact, on XML sitemap and so on…

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Your Q is too general (No way to know how you integrate your export code inside wordpress and/or what are you SEO site issues/problems).

You should follow some basic SEO course (Google/Youtube).

General outline:

The site-tree/content (“export html” without blog/cms-pages) on webflow (text/keywords, Image alts, mobile-friendly, page-structure, heading level and so on).

The “technical side”: hosting speed, ssl, sitemap, robots.txt, 301 redirects, meta data and other ideas on wordpress (Or yoast) + Blog/CMS items.

In general, Yoast is not an “magic” (This is only a tool for SEO - if you install yoast and do not do any optimization/changes related to yoast monitoring you wont see a lot of change).