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Questions for Subdirectories and Hreflang

Hi there,

I had asked a related question yesterday already but did a bit more research on my own and hope someone can help me!

I have build my consulting business website here in Webflow and want to make it multilingual as I will have clients in the US, Switzerland and Germany. The custom (top level) domain I bought and connected to my Webflow hosting is ‘.com’ ( I don’t want to use any external widgets or plugins to make my site in different languages. Instead, I read about subdirectories, so that the ending of my website link would for example look like this in Germany: ‘my’ right? And for Switzerland: ‘my’ and for US ‘my’.

My question now is, how do I do this in Webflow? Is it as simple to just create folders for each country, title them with ‘/us’ , ‘/de’ and ‘/ch’ and then duplicate all my pages with the respective language for these folders ? If that is the case, if someone visits my website, how does google or the browser know which of these three versions to open? Will it know where the user sits and open the right version/folder?

Or is that where hreflangs come into play?

When reading through the forum, I came across this website created in Webflow

So I guess, something similar like this is what I am looking for.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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