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Webflow says page published but refreshing the page in browser is not changing

I have updated some images and they are not changing on the published site in either chrome or safari, but are correct in the designer. Webflow says site has been published, but the published site does not reflect the changes. I have tried to go in and change some titles in the designer to check if they publish and they also do not change in the published site. I also unpublished the site and re-published it and no luck. I am using the to proof with the client, and now cannot show them the changes that have been made. Any help appreciated.


Seconding this. I have the same problem.

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Same here. I changed images, saved and published it a few times but changes are not showing.

I just had the same issue, although it appeared that a few changes were actually taking affect with others getting stuck.

I tried un-publishing and re-publishing like you, but ultimately selecting the minify css and use secure frame headers solved my problem. Keep in mind these were the only two that were deselected from the list before when the issue was happening.


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I had tried that several times as well, and got spotty results. It seems the longer you wait and then publish multiple times, some changes will take effect, but then others will not publish again.

I’m also having these issues at the moment. I made some changes with what I was linking to the CMS collections and the new binds are not working. Is it a server issue and it’s just delayed?

I am also experiencing this issue, I guess the update occurs very late.

In my case it was about 301-redirects. Check Project settings / Hosting / 301 redirects. Too many redirects might be preventing the site to be updated at all browsers.

Hi !

I am having the same issue ! Did anyone manage to find a solution ?
Thanks for your help :smiley: