It is taking a long time for changes to be published to and external domains

Normally changes published to both the and external domain are quite quick (with being almost instantaneous). However, in the last 30 minutes I am not seeing any of changes made in the designer published to my websites. Anyone else?

Update: some changes have been made on the domain but some haven’t (simple things like text changes)… and the custom domain hasn’t updated at all.

Update: remaining changes were published to domain but still nothing on custom domain. Anyone else experience this? The delay seems excessive.

Update: changes finally were published on external domain (just over an hour) - but I did noticed on change that still isn’t reflected on the domain (active tab setting)

Still experiencing this… can’t find a rhyme or reason behind the delays. Anyone? I am also noticing a fair bit of lag time between creating a new field in a collection and being able to use that new field in a page template or dynamic list.

Update: Changes were published to a page temporarily and then it reverted (on the next page load) back tot he old version).

Ok I emailed support because I am at a loss… @thewonglv @brryant @PixelGeek @callmevlad @cyberdave @thesergie I need some help here. There is definitely a CMS bug or something more going on that I am missing. The site is flip flopping (on almost every page refresh) between the current version of the site and versions of pages that are days old. It is also doing this randomly on both the and private domain. Could this be a combination of the CMS, publishing to multiple domains, and password protection? This is the first time I have decided to pay for CMS hosting and use a custom domain and so far it isn’t going well…

Update: I am now only publishing to the external domain and have disabled password protection. I keep checking the site via proxy and the updates are showing up there. But none of these cahnges have “taken hold” on my end. I have tested on my regular internet as well as 4G cellular internet.

Update: I cloned the site as it was and put it on a new subdomain. I also reconnected the external domain. All is working fine now. I have left the other site in my site list incase this is something you want to investigate further. Very strange.

Im having issues as well, but I keep getting a notification that webflow cant save and to contact support

Mine will save and appears to publish to my set domains… but the changes either don’t show up or show up then disappear randomly.

Can you try in Incognito mode? Wondering if it’s an issue with caching.

@thesergie I did without any luck… it behaved the same way. I also tested on a few other browsers (desktop and mobile) and it was the same. It was really really strange.

Same problem here.
In my case I’m not using custom domain. Only url.
Yesterday I solved the problem by duplicating the website. But today, even the duplicated website is experiencing problems in publishing.

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Yeah duplicating was the last thing I tried, and luckily it has worked so far (fingers crossed). @danielcoronel are you using collections and the CMS features?

More about this annoying experience :confused:

— I have changed the slug/url of the problematic page (instead of duplicating the entire site) and the problem is gone, the new page works fine (fingers crossed).

— BUT, the slug/page that I just replaced is still acessible. Is not visible in Design Mode, but it seems that problematic page was not deleted in Webflow servers.

— I decided to do a test and create a new page with the same url of the page that insists on staying online (even without appearing in designer mode). The following errors occur:

First this:

And this:

@KProServices Yeah, I’m using the CMS features, dynamic lists, references etc.

@thesergie I believe it’s not a local cache problem. The problem occurs on multiple browsers/machines here.

Can you guys DM me the names of the site that you guys are seeing this issue?

Will do, just need to republish it.

@danielcoronel @brryant I just got the “MongoError” on the duplciated site (not the old site). I was in the pages manager then clicked on a page template to edit.

@brryant I just send you a DM. Thank you!

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