Webflow removed "Automatic real-time shipping rates". Why?

Originally, Webflow said that “Automatic real-time shipping rates” were coming soon:

But has since been removed:

My company in part chose to move to Webflow because of the promise. Could someone at Webflow please explain?



I think it’s better to contact them directly with this.

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Well, they announced it publicly that it was coming soon so if that has changed they should publicly communicated that as well.

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As far as I know, providing a real-time shipping rate is super difficult, even when it is available, I think the options will be very limited… It’s not about development but dealing with 3PLs and their unstable APIs.

Let’s look for a third party tool or integration.

Well, that’s fine but they said it was coming soon so we need to hear from them what the deal is.

Still planned: https://webflow.com/blog/what-weve-been-shipping-january-march-2020

Hi John,

Chloe here, product manager for the Webflow Ecommerce team.

Our roadmap evolves frequently based on feature usage and customer feedback. While real-time shipping rates were originally planned when we launched Ecommerce, we deprioritized it to focus on bigger customer needs like PayPal support, discount codes, and digital downloads (the latter two coming soon). We wanted to be transparent, so removed it from that page as our roadmap changed. We’re open to your feedback about how we can improve these communications in the future.

P.S. The Shippo integration teased in the blog post will let you sync orders and purchase shipping labels within Shippo, but it does not yet include real-time shipping rates at Checkout.

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Thanks for the update.

Originally (on the ecommerce website), “automatic real-time shipping rates” was communicated as “coming soon” which communicates both 1) that it’s a feature that is coming and 2) that i will be here soon. While I’m glad you listen to customers and augment your roadmap accordingly, if features may not actually ship (let alone soon), that should be communicated. If feature announcements are contingent, then it they should be communicated that they are contingent.

Thanks again,


@Chloe That’s not at all what being transparent means. That’s completely backward. You advertised with a feature, gained customers with that expectation and then silently pulled the feature.

@jhiggins Is 100% right on this one and I really hate how you do not address his concern here:

We wanted to be transparent, so removed it from that page as our roadmap changed. We’re open to your feedback about how we can improve these communications in the future.


Huh? Wouldn’t “being transparent” mean you tell people about it, not just removing an announced feature in silence?


This is extremely disappointing. I’ve been holding out for so long for this feature.

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This feature is needed. This becomes not a serious ecommerce tool without it, and causes major headaches for a small business owner. Please reconsider this in the roadmap.



Well if transparency is a factor, may we know when Webflow plans on working on this again? This could be an incredibly helpful feature in helping cost control/accuracy as well as simplifying and expediting the overall setup process for a new site. I feel like this is a major shortcoming on the Webflow platform and it’s been mentioned numerous times online from what I’ve found.

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boy a getting so sad I think we will be running with shopify just because of this…so sad, I am just getting in love with Webflow, and definitely hate shopify…

There is no way to have a chance of beating Amazon in the online commerce if we as independent businesses do not offer real time shiping costs to our clients, and I guess must of all independent businesses are here (in Webflow) to avoid submitting to Amazon. This is not a second priority issue for us, it should not be for you either.

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Yeah what the hell webflow? I need real time prices…I have 2 clients with fully built websites who won’t launch cause there is no real time prices…the e-commerce parts of these 2 websites are literally sitting there in draft form while the website is live. I don’t understand why this is not teddy yet. I am launching another website with e-commerce this month and I think I need to use Udesly to Shopify or just go to Shopify for this failure on webflows part.

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is there any update on this? I’ve been working on creating an ecomm site for myself and I’m getting hung up on this part of the process.

And if there isn’t a way at this moment would anybody be able to share the alternative they went with? I’m pretty new at this.


The answer is no. I am currently converting a complicated e-commerce setup I created right after that announcement was made by Webflow, to a CMS setup and using Foxy to handle the e-commerce and shipping in Webflow. I love everything Webflow has to offer but the jump on that announcement has been costly to my client and to my time. I waited for awhile to see if anything was gong to develop for Webflow’s shipping, and luckily the client has been patient on their new site while I found an option for shipping, and their old site I built for them is still working. I’ll know more once I get the products and categories finished and everything else that was tied into them for the CMS and links.