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Live Shipping Rates / Best Webflow Shipping Practices

Hi Webflow Community,

I need a solution to a roadblock with Webflow’s e-commerce functionality, and I am now up against a bit of a deadline.

I am reaching the end of a project for a client that involves entirely around a physical product-based e-store and shipping is now the topic in our focus. I am reading in the forums a lot of unrest about not being able to get live rates pushed through to customer checkout.

  1. My first question: are there any third-party platforms that I can use along with my Webflow E-Commerce site-plan to push through lives shipping rates? Note: I’d like to do this without entirely axing Webflow’s e-commerce plan out of my project because of logistical time issues, and simply cause I enjoy Webflow’s native features.

  2. Conditional second question: (if there is no viable live-rate solution) how do you typically handle the setup for shipping rates for your clients?

Shipping pricing and shipping logistics are integral to making a successful e-commerce store, and I’m sad that it is the first time I feel let down by Webflow’s functionality. Maybe I am commenting too soon on the matter, though, but regardless any feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!