$140 Million - Thank you and Help

Webflow, we love, we really do. Webflow has been life-changing and amazing for so many of us.

At the same time, I think many of us have been feeling a bit frustrated. In the past year and a half Webflow has raised over $200 million but most of what the community wants (Webflow Wishlist) have been unfulfilled for years. Also, the communication between Webflow and the community has not great. Vlad used to do quarterly Q&As but those have completely dropped off the map.

There are even features that were explicitly communicated as coming soon (like real-time shipping rates Webflow removed "Automatic real-time shipping rates". Why? - #15 by manolojaguar) that still haven’t arrived.

Thank you, Webflow team, for everything you do. I’m sure you’re working hard like all of us. We would just like better communication and feature releases.

Thank you,


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