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Transfer website to Client

Hi everyone,

I’m currently having a hard time transferring my client’s business website. Originally I was going to work on this project for a couple of years with the client but since the COVID-19 my client just wants to transfer the site to him to work on by himself now. I have an adobe font and the site is already published (host was billed to him) so when transferring I don’t want him to have any issues of having to reconnect those. I also keep getting this pop up so if any of you have any idea on how I go about transferring this site please let me know!

Thank you!

You will need a paid plan to make the transfer – which you can upgrade to here. I recommend you pass this cost to the client, as it’s their specific request.

Upon transfer, all files and fonts will get transferred along with it, so all structure will be maintained.

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Quick note, too, if you do not want a paid plan for your own purposes moving forward, make sure to cancel your membership after the transfer is complete to avoid accessory personal cost.

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Thanks for the help! I just received this pop up now and not sure why I have to disconnect the host when it was paid by the client I’m transferring to.

Hey, hopefully you sorted this out – if not I recommend taking to Webflow support ( and they will sort this out for you.