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Webflow platform & SEO


I’m a SEO account manager in an agency and I have a client which is now building a new website with Webflow, I have never worked with this platform, how well is it adjust to SEO?
Is there any information I can read about it? Or any tutorial regarding it?


There’s a bit in the Help
& in Support
and in Tutorials

Thank you!
Do you know how Google reacts to a Webflow site?
Is there any difference?

No difference and it’s actually better than other building solutions. Webflow forces, or makes it easy for you to give the right tags to html5 elements, to properly add metadatas to pages and site etc…

Recently we saw that all webflow sites have passed the google mobility test.

It’s a tedious work to have all the SEO details done and right. WF does that for us mostly so it’s pretty safe to say there’s a possibility that our sites are better regarding SEO than they would be when built with another solution… Mines are, definitely.


Sorry for stealing some space here. But regarding SEO, are you suppose to wrap pretty much anything in sections and give them a correct tag of “Section”? E.g I got a slider that acts like a Hero-section. Normally i drop this one directly on the body, but should I put it in a section, give it a tag of “Header”? Does that give me better SEO juice?

Well if your slider is your header, yes, you should tell HTML that it’s the header.

If you drag a navbar you don’t have an option to say it’s the nav because it’s built-in. But if you create your navbar from scratch, tag it as a nav.

Now for the complete set of rule I’ll let you search on Google, interpretation varies you’ll see… on the “article” tag for example. I tend to follow the rule where you give article to what you can picture being 1 item in a RSS list of your content. So a teaser on a list > article, a full node on a page or a list > article.

The <article> element should contain a piece of self-contained content that could be distributed outside the context of the page.

The <header> element is used to represent the introductory content to an article or web page. This will usually contain a heading element as well as some metadata that’s relevant to the content, such as the post date of a news article for example. It could also contain a table of contents (within a element) for a longer document.


Sooo does this basically mean that so long as the different elements are labelled correctly with the right html5 tags, the Webflow sites can rank JUST AS WELL as an identical coded Wordpress site? Or is there still interferences with searchability? And is it normal for Google to fetch and render your homepage as nothing but a Slide image and the text on the slide?

Why wouldn’t it be?

When you see how many clicks and how much work it takes on a Wordpress site to ensure that your HTML5 structure is ok AND to make sure SEO and OpenGraph data per page are well defined and edited, I would say that you have a much better chance to get this well done with Webflow. Much much better chance of doing the SEO work right.

Webflow should not be an SEO concern for you. They do everything they can to make SEO great. You can even previsualized in real time how your OpenGraph and SEO data will look like on Google! (in page setings panel).

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