SEO, Wordpress vs Webflow

Need help to understand how SEO works. I’m not all read up about these things but mobility, speed and the right meta and keywords are of course important. One of the main concerns for my company is rankings. And I have a feeling that with Webflow you can optimize that pretty good and you can do that with WP as well. Although the site is not going to have frequent updates they still want to use WP because of the ease to use and maintain, there’s a lot people know how to use it, it’s been around for a while and so on. They also want to be able to quickly make special pages(from templates) that are catching speciell search terms in the search engines, these pages are not in the sites navigation. One of the concerns was that they couldn’t add any SEO at the front end cms. Other concerns was multilingual, it have to be good in all languages, and easy to maintain of course(I know about Localize and testing it out).

My question is, can I convince them that if we’re building the site up right with seo and markup in WF is a better solution then WP, besides the drawbacks in handling the site? Or is it that if you build the site up in WP the same way it really doesn’t matter? Is speed crucial factor?
Any other thoughts are welcome.

I’m not entirely sure why this has zero answers but anway just in case someone still wonders…, I been asking myself the same thing. Would be useful to have marketing guys login on CMS side of the webflow system and manage SEO from there.

From what i can see now is that you can create CMS collection templates, the SEO data of these pages can be obtained from your CMS data, like blog posts data or whatever you want. You could also add a special SEO field for the collection (database) you have, and have a seperate SEO section for each page you create. This way, CMS collaborators can edit the SEO data like meta title and meta description.

Hope this clarifies it, if not, I’ll try and explain in greater detail :slight_smile:

Edit: its even easier than I anticipated: SEO features are standard accesible by CMS colaborators in the pages sections :slight_smile:




I’m sorry, I didn’t see this post until now. I’m sure that you’ve done your homework on this by now. Let me know if you’d like another perspective this late in the history of the post.

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