Do dynamic pages perform equivalently to static pages in SEO?

Hallo, a very quick question here.

For those of you building dynamic pages via the CMS, how do you find they perform in organic search? Assuming they are linked to as normal and that meta titles and descriptions are added, do they perform similarly to static pages?



Yes (Google don’t see any diff - html VS html). You should add meta-titles (By the CMS “dynamically”) - and other metadata. Google will scan those pages - like any other pages.

Also, create meaningful URL structure (blog/semantic-slug) (The parent folder is Good for SEO beacuse you create hierarchy). You could even add to those pages + OG (facebook) and so on.

Read this (Not specific about SEO but helpful)

How to set custom field for SEO ± her:

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Thanks! I didn’t think of adding schema, that’s a great idea as well.

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