Webflow placeholder svg is an unreachable resource

Hello everyone.

I run a performance test on my site (on a few different tools), and it is coming up with a 403 error with what seems to be an asset uploaded automatically by webflow.

I tried searching for it in the code, and if I have done it correctly, it seems to be somewhere inside the default state of the cart, the placeholder image for the product?

The 403 request is for:

My read only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/milkshaken?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=milkshaken&preview=239060f8817d66eb084e4bc18c6da8cd&mode=preview

My published site: https://www.milkshaken.net/

How can amend this error?
I did a long search in the forum for a relevant answer but could not find one.
Thank for taking the time to help!

Having heard back from the wonderful Customer Support team, here is how to resolve this error for anyone else that may encounter it:

The asset that was responsible for the 403 was indeed an svg uploaded automatically by the designer to act as a placeholder for a product image inside an e-commerce cart.
This asset became unavailable through webflow at some point.
The reason it was not obvious to find and replace was because it was inside a dynamic field, which was then pulling an actual product image and masking the placeholder.

The ways to resolve this is either

  1. To unlink the collection from the element temporarily. The placeholder can then become visible and can be replaced with another asset that will not 403.
  2. To delete and reinstate the element from scratch. That way it will lose its previous association with the unreachable asset.

Hello @milkshaken !

Thank you for posting this, i have been looking for a solution for a while and I am having the excact situation you described with the placeholder svg from designer, and then displaying a random images thorugh a page script.

However, I do not understand your descriptions of how you resolved it! Can you please ellaborate?