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Please help me understand Placeholder SVG!

Hi guys.
In a lot of the template (e.g. ‘Startup’ which I am modifying now) there will be placeholder.svg in lots of places - logos typically- particualrly the classic “Trusted by” widget that might show lots of brands like Facbebook, Youtube, Google etc.

Well I understand how I can change the logo there – you just overwrite the placeholder.svg with an image.

But I really want to understand the code in the background – from reading I see it’s something to do with JS passing the image location rather than html.

If I wanted to find what the logo that is being called by placeholder.svg how would I do that?
Say I wanted to inspect the facebook logo or something?

Asked another way, if i wanted to keep the placeholder.svg but change the image it was pointing to (so it’s all consistent) how would I do that?

Hopefully thats clear, I couldnt find any documents on this at alL!
THank you!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. The placeholder.svg is Webflow’s default image. SVGs are basically the same as images, but much smaller and built different.

When you click on certain images throughout the website that say there is a placeholder even though there isn’t, it’s probably something on Webflow’s end. In other words, I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to show that.

For instance, if you inspect the template’s page, the logo image isn’t called “placeholder.svg”.

Thanks. I think I understand that it’s sort of a bug?
Does that mean those Placeholder.svg assets are actually in the Assets somewhere? And so search for their names, I can look at teh source code?

The placeholder.svg is not an asset, so you can’t search for it in the Asset Panel. It’s just a default image, and is rendered by the browser just like any other image on the page.

Yes so how do i find the asset in the asset panel that it actually represents?! The facebook logo for example. Also you’re being so helpful, would you mind helping me with my other issue in the Design Tips seciton?

The actual asset that is displayed can be found in your asset panel. The placeholder can not, though. If you open your asset panel, and type 'facebook" the facebook logo will appear. That is the asset that matters, not the placeholder.svg.