SVG sometimes not loading

We have encountered an inconsistent bug where some users can see an image (a white arrow embedded in the button) and some users can’t see an image. It appears inconsistently across all browsers. I saw a few posts about 403 access denied errors in the forums but none had been answered successfully.

The specific asset is linked here:

which shows the below error when going to it directly.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.



<Message>Access Denied</Message>






Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Nathan, upload a new one and upload it directly to your site assets so that it’s part of your site.

The image you linked isn’t accessible but I couldn’t guess why. Might have been deleted or blocked. Either way it’s no longer valid. People that are still seeing it likely have it cached.

One thing to note is if you look at other images on your site, the folder is always your site ID, which makes sense. In your case, that’s 614c81fecf0f8d70b3a6dd4f

Here are 2 examples, notice the site ID as the first path segment.


By contrast the URL you linked is for a different site ID-

So my guess is that someone manually linked an image on your site to an external Webflow-hosted site image, using custom CSS, HTML embed, JS, whatever.

Normally, that should be ok, unless that asset was deleted, or the other site was deleted or unpublished. Then, eventually, the s3 bucket the images are stored in would get garbage collected and that image would no longer be accessible.

Interesting thank you! That makes sense I bet this is due to us copy/pasting custom code between the v2 of the site we built in a separate webflow project and then copied into the existing site project to avoid downtime and allow us to release an exact time. (Webflow did not provide much clarity on how quickly we could swap the public site DNS settings other than relying on a manual request via their support team to do it at some point)