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SVG images simply disappearing: "Failed to load resource"

Help !

It is the second time SVG images simply disappear from the Webflow Designer. I previously wrote to the priority support of Webflow and got told I could simply re-upload the SVG into my image module… not the optimal solution but this is what I did. Worked for two days and now again, my SVG seems to have disappeared !

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue ?
Am I doing something wrong ?
Do I really need to convert my SVG into PNG ?

Read-only link:

Thank you for your help !

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Here is what Chrome dev tools tells me:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()


I have now replaced all SVG by PNG images but clearly this is not a viable workaround, especially for logotype and icons in general :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @anthonysalamin

I checked and found your email — Thanks for posting here as well.

I don’t have any new information for you yet. Our team is still investigating the issue and working to get it resolved.

Can you please share one or two of the SVG files you are uploading that continue to disappear?

​Thanks in advance.

Hi @Brando,

Thank you for getting back at me, appreciate !

One of the main problematic SVG is the logo:
The second one would be the SVG for the hamburger menu

I for now found a workaround by uploading a PNG image instead of an SVG.
Until now, it seems to work but kind of wished I could trust and use SVGs on my projects.

Thank you for having taken a look !

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