403 error loading Stripe

I’m getting the following error:
line item:56 in my code GET https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/plugins/Basic/assets/placeholder.60f9b1840c.svg 403

The code is not in my header section or before the tag. It appears to be inserted by Webflow.

This error is preventing the rest of my JavaScript code from running and prevents the page from loading properly.

read only link

Hi David,

I wasn’t getting the same error on my end when accessing https://www.helps-austin.com/item?id=20.

Are you still having an issue with this or is it resolved?


I’ve seen this before, it’s referring to the placeholder image svg that’s used when you drag an image element onto the canvas. I’ve been seeing it in my console as well, but it shouldn’t be preventing anything else on your site from rendering properly. You mentioned Stripe in the title; are you having trouble with Stripe?

No problems with Stripe. I’m not there yet.