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Webflow php form submission


Since I need to replace all the forms on my exported sites, and prefer not to use any 3rd party like often suggested, is there any solution that comes closest to the way Webflow handles the forms?

I see there are simple scripts around, but I was wondering if someone has been able to create a way to use one almost as simple as a plug & play for each Webflow export?

Thanks in advance!

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For simple needs, like just mailing and not keeping data ( aka store in database ) - you can use phpmailer - it is relatively simple and easy to use, need a little tweaking validation side, but for those needs I find it works well so far

@Throatscratch Could you explain a little bit more about how to use phpmailer, please?

I want to use this way for my exported websites on my own server.

Iā€™m needing this too, @Throatscratch, it would be of great help if you could explain how to use that solution :crossed_fingers: