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Form submission - outside of Webflow

I’m wondering about how Webflow handles form submissions. Normally I would have a php script handling it, but looking at the exported code for Webflow forms, I can’t see how it actually works.

I realise that the webflow servers handle form submissions (quota set by your subscription), but as i will be hosting my client sites on my own server, is there a way to set forms so they don’t go through webflow?

I’m a little confused!

Hi @Karl_M,

Currently, you’ll see that the code Webflow outputs does not have an action attribute on the form, so it doesn’t post like a traditional form would. Instead, webflow.js catches the submission and sends the form data to the Webflow servers.

In order to have the submissions go to your own server, just set a custom action attribute on the form tag. webflow.js will then take that as a signal that you’re handling the form submissions manually.

Does that make sense?


makes total sense! yes the JS submission was confusing me, I haven’t come across that before. Thanks for the reply

Why wouldn’t Webflow share the PHP (or whatever) file so that after site export it would be attached to the site folder?
I really like your forms, but I’m zero at coding and had to switch to some embeded form code. My attempts to ‘compilate’ the action file by myself has failed.

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Hi @callmevlad @Karl_M could you share a small tutorial please on how to do that? I URGENTLY need help here.

Hi @Nir, one thing I would suggest, is to use an external mail service provider like Mailchimp. In order to receive forms on an exported site, the forms must be connected to some mail script or mail service.

See how to integrate to mailchimp here:

Alternatively, if the hosting being used on the external server provides a mailscript solution, the forms can be pointed to the mail script, by changing the Action field to point to the mailscript url on your own server.

Ususally the hosting provider should provide instructions how to use their own mail script. If you can let me know which hosting provider is being used, I can see if there is any documentation available.

Hi @cyberdave Iv worked something out in the meantime with Jotforms