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Webflow form export code

Hello, how do you make the forms created in webflow work on other servers when you export the code. I just want it to send information to my mail.

Is it possible or I have to create an html for an connect it.


You have to either have a server side script you build or download, or use a third party form processor you integrate.

Thaks for reply.

Can you recomend me a third party service?
I have seen getform, it look really easy and simple.


I am using and there are others listed one the University integrations page. Integrations | Forms & surveys | Webflow University

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Ok. I’ll have a look at it. They have a free plan


If you’re hosting with Netlify then you can use their form service too. It works with Webflow forms. There’s a pretty good free tier.

No, I have a siteground hosting already paid, so I can use it for 6 more month.

Them I will see

Thank for anwser