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Simpel contact form on exported site

Dear Webflow users,

I’m new to Webflow.
I was using Adobe Muse but had to switch to something else and Webflow seemed the best option.

Now, on all the websites I create for clients, there is a simpel contact form. If they want more information, they simply fill out the form and submit. This email then arrives in the mailbox of the client.

Now I’m reading these worrying messages here that this won’t be working in Webflow if you export the site to the clients host server.

How do I get this to work.
To summarise:

  • each client has his own hosting company where his website lives
  • I create the clients website with Webflow
  • I exported the site in html and upload it to the clients hosting company
  • Contact forms submitted on the clients website should, as it used to, be send directly into the mailbox of the client (not to a third party like f.i. Mailchimp).

How do I do this.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

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Webflow don’t support forms on self hosted sites because as they don’t get income from the hosting of the site, they don’t want to support the needed server for form actions. So far, that’s quite logical.

So in order to add firms to your site, you need either a server to handle them, or a third party service for your forms. IN short, you need a 3rd party service.

You can start your search here, there are a few recommendations:

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your reply.

Bummer. Strange that this isn’t supported. It was with al the software I used to work (RapidWeaver, Muse, …) and with none of these I hosted the websites on their servers.

Now, when you involve a third party, like for instance MailChimp, do the mails end up in the mailbox of the clients? Or do they have to create an account on MailChimp and see the mails on their site?

Best regards

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You can do it without a 3rd party. You need to look at adding a php script for the form. Something webflow should supply for paying membership but doesn’t. More then likely because they are worried by the GDPR non-sense and overreach from the EU.


Hi Russell,

If it can be done with a php script, is there someone here who can explain how you do this?
I don’t know anything about coding, reason I turned to Webflow, so I would be very grateful if someone shows me how to get this working.

As it is right now with the forms, if you hit the send botton, my mail program opens with all the info I typed in it. Then I can hit send and the mail is gone. But strange that this can’t be the case directly from the form, without it opening my mail program.

Best regards

I am interested in doing the same thing. I think I just found the solution. Haven’t gotten a chance to test yet. Hope this works!

Hello, @STAPPS
I have heard these news too… I’m thinking about using third-party widgets like this one:
Judging by the reviews and the first experience of use, it seems that it is great! It is hoped that it will continue to be equally excellent.

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@STAPPS look at this thread on the forum. I just got my webflow forms to work on 3rd party server with free .php script. Let me know if you need help.

I just created a (german) webflow tutorial for exporting webflow forms and modify them to use on own hosting.