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PHP Form export


Maybe webflow have a plan to solve this, but right now i am paying a php guy to wrote my forms. In the future this php file will export too?

Some clients just want a one-time site, and i dont want to keep their project in my dashboard.

Thanks! and webflow is amazing!!!


Definitely interested in hearing a solution to this!


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Hey guys,

I am working on a custom php form that will do this. My hope is to be able to call the php file direclty from webflow’s target field. The form would send an email populating the from address with the contact’s email, the subject with the contact’s name and the body of the email with their message.

I also hope to be able to incorporate a dropdown menu to be able to call a second php script to send the form to a different email depending on the users needs. The application being for a store with 2 locations, being able to select which store to send a message.

I am sure it is possible to do this with custom code but I’d rather do it within webflow. I know you cannot host with webflow and do this since you must call the php script unless you want to call it from your dropbox or outside hosting location.

Is it possible right now in webflow for a dropdown form element to control the target?


Hi all,

Currently in webflow, you can give your Form a custom action and set its method to POST or GET. You can point the action to any custom PHP script or server.

Once this happens, the form is no longer hooked up to the webflow forms server.

@DFink, it sounds like your situation would require JavaScript to change the form action based on a menu choice. This will require custom code for the forseeable future.

Hope that helps!

Any luck on getting the PHP file to bypass webflow?

It worked but the submission action does not validate in safari so I abandoned using it in favor of the built in action. Now that you can reply directly to the emails, there is really no reason not to use the build in form handling.

Yeah but my concern if you delete the file from webflow the form stops working. I normally build, send the code to the client and remove the site from my dashboard. Right now I have to keep it on my dash or if I decide not to continue my subscription the form will stop.

Gotcha. You can use a 3rd part form. Search the forums, I’ve seen some solutions through the years. the PHP script was a pain in the ass honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it.