Webflow Pages Plugin: Updating WordPress with New Collection and Page Made in Webflow

After learning about the Webflow Pages plugin for WordPress (https://twitter.com/thepixelgeek/status/1179152078729383937), I’m starting to experiment with it.

I successfully connected a mostly empty new Webflow project (https://preview.webflow.com/preview/test123456789101?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=test123456789101&preview=155171e807601177bf0b7a90cda90ab6&mode=preview) with an existing WordPress self-hosted site. My initial test of publishing the default “Style Guide” page on my site worked fine.

After doing that, I then created a collection and a new page in Webflow.

Here’s my current set up in my Webflow project:

On my WordPress site, I created another new generic page and a new custom post type. It’s at this point that I am having trouble.

My generic page is published:

I have a generic item published in my new post type:


For Webflow Pages, my cache is set to 1 minute:

I don’t see where I can connect my recently connected Webflow page to my new WordPress page. It’s not appearing in the drop-down.

My “Tests Collection” also isn’t showing up.

What can I do to obtain the latest content from Webflow for use on a WordPress site? Or – am I trying to do something that is not possible?

Thank you!

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i am testing it too. Hey @ColleenBrady when you created a page rule did it just appear when you previews the page in WP. I can’t even get a page to work. I am working on Flywheel local admittedly, but the api did connect!

edit: got it working. Pretty neat how you just add the rule and it goes live!

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@HammerOz - Glad you have been able to get your first page up. Now that you got your page to work, have you been able to add new pages to Webflow and see them in WordPress?

Have you done anything with posts / collections yet? Not sure what to expect when I start working with collections.

Hi @ColleenBrady, thanks for your post on the new WP plugin.

I noticed that the Webflow site has not been published for about 5 hours, can you please republish the test site you created once again and check the collections in the WP plugin settings to see if the test collection is displayed in the list?

Thanks in advance

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If we design a blog in Webflow and connect it to WordPress. Will the blog start working out of the box on WordPress or do we have to make some adjustments to make it work there?

@cyberdave is on the scene :grinning:. But yes I can see the webflow collections in my dropdown.

I can’t get the custom post type I added in WP to show my webflow template page content however…:man_shrugging: . It isn’t clear if WP it supposed to display webflow or wordpress collection / post data?

Hello @cyberdave. Thank you! Republishing did help solve part of my problem. I am now able to see the new page I created. This is amazing functionality to have.

I’m still having trouble with collections. Like @HammerOz, not sure I fully grasp how it is to work and what steps I am to take. This statement has left me a bit puzzled:

If you have Webflow Collection pages they will appear on the right section of this page. You can add them to your WordPress site too . - from https://university.webflow.com/article/webflow-pages-wordpress-plugin

Does this mean that I can create design layouts in Webflow that can be used for custom post type and single post layouts for custom post types in WordPress? Or – is Webflow offering the ability to take a collection created in Webflow and have it appear on a WordPress site.

Here’s what I have done recently: On my WordPress site, I created a new post type called “tests.”

I also created an archive and single post page for my custom post type tests.



I then did mapping using the Pages plugin:

I then went back to my archive and single pages for my new custom post type and am not seeing anything pulled over from Webflow.


I resaved my permalinks in WordPress, but that didn’t change anything.

I was thinking that some or all of this would appear on my WordPress site.

I then went and changed the extensions on my archive-tests.php and single-tests.php files to be txt. Pages now default to generic design and not anything from Webflow.

My Webflow site is: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/test123456789101?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=test123456789101&preview=155171e807601177bf0b7a90cda90ab6&mode=preview

Any insight would be appreciated. It may be that I am trying to do something that is not possible.

Thanks in advance!

The latter. Webflow is allowing you to display collection items as pages inside a Wordpress site. So if you mapped /wfblog/ to a collection called “posts” the path on the WP site would be /wfblog/post/post-slug

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@webdev - Thank you for the clarification. Moving forward a bit more now, thanks to your answer. I am now able to see pages for individual items in my collection on my WordPress site, but don’t yet have what WordPress considers an “archive” that lists a series of items.

My URL construction seems simpler than what you suggested. My collection is “tests” and after my domain, the remaining URL is “/tests/post-slug”. For this example, it was “/tests/voluptas-sed-ipsum-hic” I don’t seem to need the word “post” between the collection name and post-slug. (I’m also not sure I have everything right yet).


Wordpress itself would not “see” the items since they are not entries in its database. The path is triggering the display via the mapping in the extension which loads the redirected page.

As to the path, I don’t have a complete answer yet. I am reviewing the source code and experimenting.

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@webdev - Thank you! Even if something is not possible, very excited about this plugin. The plugin in its current state opens up possibilities for me.

How to get rid of the weblfow badge? In my project settings I’ve already off the badge option, when i link the api to my Wordpress it still show the webflow badge. Help :frowning:

I would like to know about the SEO doesn’t link as well? It is because it crawl from API?

Hello @alvinyang. I actually left the branding alone. I poked around in settings and see that my project has the settings off (Look partway down the page under “General Settings” for your project), but a “Made in Webflow” badge does appear in the lower right corner of my pages where I’ve used the plugin. I don’t know how to change that via configuration.

@alvinyang - SEO content configured in Webflow seems to port over. When you do a “View Source” on your published page on WordPress, look at what is tags like “”. Do you see what you configured in Webflow?

Answer re: badges from @webdev:

nope, it not reflected. I use site: example.com to check, It’s not showing. Is yours showing?

@alvinyang - Yes.

Do you have a shareable Webflow project link and a link to your live site that you can share?

strange? :frowning:

http://papahipster.my/sell - inside wordpress

preview link

i am pro user :slight_smile: but it seems the badge still showing