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Custom Posts, + Blog, + Forum using categories

Hi and apologies for my sophmoric questions.

I am trying to create a crowdfunding website. originally I bought a template for wordpress (fundingpress) but quickly realized that I am not experienced enough to edit the stylesheets + need more control over the content of my site due to regulations.

So I am going to hire a freelancer to do some stuff within webflow but I like to learn so this is what I am trying to accomplish

I want to be able to post a custom post (blog) which has a bunch of fields. I made a “collection” that seems to reflect this

pitch video
etc etc

But when I try to “create new (name of collection item)” it prompts me to the standard blog page inputs. How to access the tool to input my info into my collection so I have a custom post to display on the site.

Ideally I want to be able to post under the follow sections

Investments—3 categories of investments with different offerings in them
Blog–I want to be able to have a blog that has my own content
forum-want to attach a forum for users to discuss the platform.

I guess first off my question is how can I get input into the fields of my collection which I thought would be an option when I “create new blog post”

Sorry if the question is confusing I’m trying to wrap my brain around the jargon of all of this

Hi @jwelle,

I am not sure you will be able to add the forum to Webflow site.

i think can link to an outside source i’m sure. Page cloud does it. Its annoying because you have to log in twice.

I"m more concerned about just being able to put up the custom posts. I clearly am missing something here.

Most likely you are.

Do you have a problem with adding new content (new post) in the collection?

I can add a post to the collection example test company

not seeing anything at the link. I now have two investments. What I want is to get the main page to reference recent “investments” instead of recent “categories”

Ah I have to create the style sheet for the Investments posts…ok these videos are good.

That happens because you have a data but have no design on the template page.
Every of your collections automatically creating template page, which you able to design as you wish. Template pages you can find in the all pages list, they are highlighted with purple color.

Click on the Template page name and create structure, style it or you can copy structure from another page.

For that you will have to disconnect the elements inside that Dynamic list from dynamic data, then choose different collection for that and connect fields to the dynamic data again.

Or, if you want a different style, remove that dynamic list and add new one, then style as you need.

More about building collection templates and dynamic list you can find in the Webflow video-course https://help.webflow.com/courses/webflow-cms

Lesson #5 - about Dynamic lists, Lesson #7 - about Collection templates
Actually I think all course will be useful for you


Thanks anna. I’m beginning to get it. I’m going to take some time and review these videos. Rome was not built in a day.

Thank you for taking the time to answer :slightly_smiling:

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Always welcome. I am sure you will get it pretty fast :slight_smile:

getting there sabanna… however the content is locked. I saw a forum post on it but didn’t quite get it. How do I unlock the list wrapper from the content so I can assign a different collection?

Check all elements inside the dynamic item (class featuredThumbnail on this screenshot) and disconnect those, which highlighted with purple color, from dynamic content.

For example:

No option to uncheck? I swear I’m not dumb…or at least thats what mom told me. :smile:

:smiley: I am sure your mom was right.

Could you, please, share your read-only link?

(How to share a read-only link: http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-do-i-share-my-sites-read-only-link )

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Ok, here is a screencast, how to disconnect dynamic data and change the collection for dynamic list

Thanks so much sabanna. I wasn’t drilling down far enough to delink everything…I get it!


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