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Anybody using the new Webflow > Wordpress plugin?

Can share your experience with it?

Much appreciated!

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Which one are you talking about, Pinegrow or Udesly?


Thanks for responding. It is about this one which was rolled out in September:


Works fine. Takes 5 minutes to implement. Been using it for landing pages like a champ. Since it is free, why not take it for a spin?

Ok thanks webdev, can I just buy a Lite plan, without buying a site plan, cuz the wordpress is obviously on its own hosting. Also in the tutorial page I see that you have to publish the Webflow domain in order to make the API working. But don’t you have duplicate content then? Hope you can clarify this. Thx

Not if you block the webflow site with robots.txt.

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That way, of course thx. So I don’t have to buy a site plan then, if I want to look and feel of Webflow in Wordpress for some sites. Eventually I want everything pure in Webflow :slight_smile:

It works superbly, have applied on some of my landing pages and its working perfectly.

Takes hardly 4 to 5 minutes to implement. :wink:

@webdev or @davidmichaels - Do you know if it is possible to turn off the “Made in Webflow” branding? Received a question about it from @alvinyang on a separate thread. Webflow Pages Plugin: Updating WordPress with New Collection and Page Made in Webflow

Display “Made In Webflow” badge

This is on by default, and it will show the badge on your published sites — both staging and custom domain. You can turn it off to hide the badge on your staging sites if you are subscribed to a Pro or Team plan . And, you can hide the badge on any site hosted with Webflow.

@webdev - Thank you. I’ll update the other post with your answer too.

Thanks David for your response. I will try it. For now i am studying the videos.

Can you tell me how to do that en where in Webflow? Thanks