Webflow Pages plugin in WordPress

hi there,
I used the Webflow Pages plugin in WordPress it’s the best, but I have an issue with two different domains on Webflow, one is an English website, and the other one in the Estonian language. I set up Webflow Pages plugin in WordPress for English webpages, but I also want setup an Estonian website on my same WordPress domain. But the Webflow Pages plugin only allow one API integration but I want 2 API for integration so please know me how I can manage both Webflow domains on my WordPress domain.
It’s one WordPress domain with two Webflow domains,
currently, my WordPress domain is on the English website.
please check URL
https://uku-global.wigatech.com/ or

and I want the same domain name but only change ‘en’ to ‘ee’
for example :

so please help me how I can manage this ?

If the functionality does not exist in the Webflow WordPress plugin you can either face the limitation or you could fork the plugin to include your new functional requirements.