Bilingual website

I need to build a new website, it will be in EN and FR. In the past, I have use Wordpress and WPML to accomplish this.

Is there a way to do something similar in Webflow? I can enter the copy manually on each page to do the edits or use a CMS with a toggle for EN and FR to enter the content via CMS.

Any suggestions?

There are several ways to do this, those with manual duplicates, or with CMS, or with plugins.
Nothing native Webflow yet, unfortunately. May be soon…
Practically for you, it depends on your site construction. You welcome to share more info and I could give you more precise suggestion.

Hi Francisco,

there is a way with weglot :

but you must pay for translation when it comes over 2000 words on whole page.

Or you use the way Ilan writes. Dublicate pages and work with folders. For example create a folder for englisch and a folder for france. If you have not many sites then this could be a nice way.

Or take a look at this here:

Cheers Martin


Hi Ilan,

Thanks for your reply.

I assume that Manual duplicates means, duplicating each page and change the language in each to the corresponding? What about setting the lang for HTML for each page?

Can you expand more how can you do this using CMS in Webflow?

Can you also explain what plugins are available?

I don’t need localization, just an easy way to manage the creation and entering the content.

Thank you,

Hi Francisco,

I had the same needs/experience as you. I ended up using weglot because it was simply to install and get moving. Here’s the site to see how it looks

It’s different from WPML but once you understand how it works, I found it better. It will start off by trying to do an automatic translation. You can then go in and make changes. It’s pretty simple to pick up

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You’re asking a specific question. Probably the best is to make some virtual meeting. First hour I can help you for free. If you need more, I can give you personal paid consultation.

Hi Mike, if you don’t requite someone to translate the site content for you, if you already have the content in both languages what is the advantage that Weglot offers?

Hi Ilan,

Sounds great, how can we arrange this meeting?

Thanks for the offer,

Hi Francisco, sorry just logging back in. So with Weglot, I just find the setup fast and painless. Even if you have the translations, you still need to manually input them in with Weglot. But compared to WordPress tools I used in the past, I found this way quicker to handle. You can try it for free and get a good feel if it does what you need.

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