Is Webflow Pages Wordpress Integration Enterprise-ready?

Hi. I think about moving my Wordpress installation partially to Webflow via the Pages Wordpress plugin, serving the landing pages via Webflow and the rest via Wordpress as usual (for hundreds of SEO articles it’s still the better system in my opinion).

I tested the integration and it seems to work great. I wonder if someone has experience connecting these two systems not for smaller projects, but for bigger projects where there is no margin for error? I am a little worried the integration does not work and we run into problems. When spending large performance marketing budgets, we cannot allow downtime.

Curios if someone tested it before in larger installments!

It should be fine. The only problem I see with the solution is that you have to pay for 2 separate hosting subscriptions. 1 for webflow 1 a second one for the wordpress site. If that is not an issue then the solution works great. As I understand it all it does is redirect the traffic from specific wordpress pages to the webflow hosted ones insted. But all happening on the same domain.

I’m not perfectly aware of how the plugin works so I might be wrong here.