Alternative to 'Weflow Pages' for Wordpress

Hi there,

It looks like the the way recommened by Webflow University to integrate Webflow pages into a Wordpress site is currently disabled:

Webflow Pages – WordPress plugin |

Basically I just want to integrate 1 or 2 of the pages on a Wordpress site (i.e. homepage and contact form) using webflow, but the rest of the site remain on Wordpress.

I used to be able to do this with the above method which is now not available.

Are there any methods that will allow me to just have a couple of pages from webflow and the rest from wordpress?

I have access to cPanel to alter DNS etc if that helps?


I reached out to Udesly support who had the following to say on the matter:

We created the plugin but we are not entitled for the maintenance of it, you should ask directly webflow support for news on this

Would love to hear from Webflow whether there’s still a way to use this? Tried to use waybackmachine to find the plugin an install manually but the API isn’t being accepted.

Does anyone know how i might be able to use cloudflare to route traffic to a subdomain while masking the URL? What would be the SEO consequences of that approach?


I think what you’re needing here is a reverse-proxy. It would deliver all of your WP-hosted content, and then specific URLs would be mapped to your Webflow-hosted site instead.

Show me a page you are trying to pull into WotdPress and I can show you how to build it in WordPress without Webflow at all.

We also use “Webflow Pages” for some of our customers. But now the plugin is nowhere to be found and deactivated, now I am very afraid that soon the API v1 key will also be deactivated because of v2.

Then of course, all pages will be offline.

I don’t know any other alternative, because Webflow Pages was easy because of the synchronization.