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Website not indexing

Hello everyone,

i have created a new webflow website which (sadly) blocks requests from the Google Bot. (, mobile friendly test, search concole, etc.)

Curious is that the robotx.txt is correct. Also I cannot find any errors in the http head (status 200).

I have waited more than 1 day now - no change.

Do you still have an idea how to get the page indexed?

Thanks in advance!

Read only:


Can you check indexing status in your browser by( site: your without www or https.?

No results with the “site:” command.
Checked the search console as well, which shows no valid sites in the index.

The problem is I cant find any settings/tags which could block the Google Bot.

I can see your 3 URL indexed now.

. You can request to index Instantly in search console. Feel free to ask for any help. Thanks

This ist the old site, made with another tool. (You can see that on the old favicon)

Since I switched to Webflow Google cant crawl the Site anymore.