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Webflow orders into Airtable via Zapier [solved]

I thought I would share my solution of automatically importing webflow orders into Airtable and Slack through Zapier, as it took me a little to figure out.

The main problem is that Zapier converts the webflow hook data to strings, meaning you can’t manipulate the ‘order’ nested array that the webflow new order hook delivers to Zapier. It requires some not so pretty string manipulation but it works.

Zap flow:

  • Weblow, new order
  • Run Javascript
  • Airtable, new record

The ‘run javascript’ code works as below:

var obj = {};

var order = inputData.order;

var first_pos = order.indexOf("productName") + 13;
var second_pos = order.indexOf("productSlug");
var size = second_pos - first_pos;

var productName = order.substr(first_pos,size);

var first_pos = order.indexOf("'url': '") + 8;
var second_pos = order.indexOf("', 'alt':");
var size = second_pos - first_pos;

var image = order.substr(first_pos,size); =; =;
obj.productName = productName.trim();
obj.image = image;
obj.amount = inputData.amount;

return obj;

Hey, I am SUPER interested to learn more about this. Tried following it exactly but came up with an error. I’m wanting to move order/product details to a client’s CRM

Hey Shane - what error are you getting?

Ok, so I looked everything over super closely and think I fixed it. This is what it returned. Does it parse out multiple products?

@NatesYaMate Thanks for sharing this solution! I was able to get everything to work with the exception of supporting multiple products.

Any ideas on how to modify the javascript to support parsing more than one product?