JS or JSON solution of code for eCommerce

Hi folks im trying to find a solution for my eCom site. I have created a customer Collections that is getting updated with customer info and address info when a new order is done. Works fine. I need to do some magic with the products in the order. My problem is that the data i receive from the order is not in JSON or JS. can someone find a smart solution for me??

This is how the data is returned

count: 1
productName: Presentkort på 500:-
productSlug: presentkort-pa-500
rowTotal: {'unit': 'SEK', 'value': 50000, 'string': 'kr\xa0500,00\xa0SEK'}
variantImage: {'fileId': '5de80b5c154e7e3588698fc2', 'url': 'https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/59880a9e9abf440001d2d5e5/5de80b5c154e7e3588698fc2_presentkort-logo.jpg', 'alt': None}
variantName: Presentkort på 500:-
variantPrice: {'unit': 'SEK', 'value': 50000, 'string': 'kr\xa0500,00\xa0SEK'}
variantSlug: presentkort-pa-500


Why not use Zapier to connect that?

And you would use JS or Jquery to connect that if you were using custom code.

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~ Brandon

This is the return from Zapier, Thats the problem. It returns the code in form view. Wich i can’t do anything with

Single fields are ok but nut a whole structure like items or alladdresses


Is this coming out of your ecom from Webflow and then to Zapier, right? What are you sending the data to/in?

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This is a return from zapper. Webhook new order. Getting info from the order that I’m storing in a new collection. The response is from the hoock that returns the order from the api. In the return from WF you have fields but also complex items, alladdresses and more the return of complex data is returned like this

Since the return is in form view all “” are gone and I can’t use it


I am trying to figure out why you are pulling the data as a webhook, instead of just pulling the data from the order through Zapier.

My question though, is where are you sending the data do? What is the purpose of pulling all this data?

Besides WF using a webhook to send to Zapier, where does the data get sent to from Zapier?

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Using a webhook to get a new order. When it’s a new order I need to get some information that I can send to external systems. I need the products from each order to update external system.

At the same time I’m storing customer name, order number, customer email in a collection in WF

My customer dB
I also store the item structure in WF

There is no GetOrder in the Zapier interface. There is one in integromat but it’s not working

The GetOrder system, what fulfillment is that form?

Amazon? eBay?

The connection should go to them not back in WF

However, fi you want to track orders, I would recommend using Google Sheets instead. For one thing you are limited on the CMS items within Webflow where as in Google Sheets you are not.

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When I say GetOrder I’m referring to get an order from WF.

As I said before, need to get the product info for a new order.
Will I have all product data in a structured way in GS that a can send to any external system automatically?

As you might know I do like to find special solutions that’s why I have decided to store some info I WF collections. Then I can build my own stats in WF

You know, I have never tried that.

I do know with forms you can create a structured data set in GS.

You can also use Airtable as it might pull the data for you better then GS as it is just a table like Excel where Airtable can be formatted around your data you need.

If you figure it out, lmk, lol.

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~ Brandon

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I have tested both with GS and Airtable. The data comming from WF can’t be used. Any suggestion? The WF data ia without “” abd don’t know how to solve this

I have reported the bug to Integromat about getOrder. If they fix it i might be able to do this


I am not sure. Let me see what info I can find out with our team.

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~ Brandon

Hi Integromat did fix the bug. so i can use Integromat. I think Integromat is much better then Zaoier