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Best webapp for maintaining ecommerce products via zapier?

Looking for recommendations.
I’ve discovered various apps for maintaining product lines that could be zap’d into webflow.
What are you using? Simple spreadsheet app?
Looking at these:

I’d be sticking with a flexible all round database builder like Airtable. It will enable you to build out more views and workflows with greater flexibility. It will enable you to build out more of the teams overall functions without creating a clusterf collection of apps. The downside with is the UI is not going to be as purpose friendly.

The biggest issue with zaps to webflow is not being able to create or update reference fields. This issue has destroyed a lot of my potential use cases in recent weeks.

As a matter of interest Airtable just became a unicorn apparently

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Thanks! I was just trying zapier and airtable and apparently zapier needs to update how it shares data via the API with Webflow. :expressionless:
I can only guess that it must’ve been the ecommerce updates to the API that zapier needs.

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You can also trying using Knack. I am in the process of researching it more to be used with a non-profit and with a user client system.

Plus you can pretty much build anything with it and the pricing is based on records and not users.

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Have you looked at May provide more website / web app integrated functionality with one platform? I just wish webflow was in this space. I don’t want any more platforms in my life :cold_sweat:

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One key bit of information according to staff member @anonymon is using the three fields she mentions that are key to mapping CSV files to the Products “Collection”:
Product Handle (she says this is the Slug), Product Name, and Variant Price (presumably for the non-variant/standard price).

Hope this helps, it sure helped me!

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