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Webflow needs to support zapier line items

As I understand it, we can"t create an invoice in quickbooks or update external systems for new orders at a product level using zapier without this.

I can’t see if this is on the roadmap. Thanks


There is a zap for wf new order > quickbooks online new invoice. Did you test that? Or are you saying that the zap does not produce line items in QB?

In the API purchasedItems is an array in the Order Model that provides the line items in an order. So it currently exists in the API. I am pretty sure that it is up to Zapier to implement zaps to the API.

I don’t have any orders (not live) to fetch with the API. Is that something you can test?

I would expect that a dev support channel exists between the responsible teams. So hopefully it is on someone’s radar if it is working in the API and not with Zapier. I would suggest pinging Zapier if that is the case since they are a business that makes revenue from subscribers.

Hi @webdev

Yes so I check the array output in the direct api as you mention. That’s cool.

The thing is that zapier has this specific tool / step “Formater”. Apps can dev their zaps with line items support for this. In order to create line items in any other app via zapier, you would need webflow to create zaps with line item support.

Thanks for clarifying this. So the ball is in webflow’s court.

Have you found solution to this in Zapier? Currently trying to make a zap that adds rows in google sheets with new orders. However I need separate lines for each item. The export in Webflow allows this but I can’t seem to figure out a way to implement this in Zapier to google sheets.

As above Mike. You would need to use Zapier’s formatter then the google sheet zap has line items support so you should be good. I’m using Integromat now FYI.

If you need line weights for shipping platforms, note wf have omitted weight from the order api. You would have to add a search for product step after parsing the array.

Thanks @HammerOz. I started working with Integromat but m new to it. My issue with integromat is struggling to create a new line in Google Sheet for each line item. Any insight?

As far as zapier, I can’t seem to get line item support working correct from Webflow to Google sheet. The purchasedItems array seems to not come through in a way parse easily in Zapier. Not sure? :man_shrugging:

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Figured it out with integromat. Super easy. Iterator module. Wow. that is great.

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Nice work! Yeah it’s a buzz when it comes together :rocket:

Hey guys, you had this conversation a long time ago but I’ve the same problem. I need to get the order data to an external place but can’t make it out properly.
My problem is, as you mentioned, all the purchased items come in one data cell and I can’t get a way to catch all the order items for one order.
I tried using Zapier : Webflow - formatter - Google sheet
and Integromat : Webflow - iterator - google sheet (and also with an array agregator)
I’m struggling on this so if you guys managed to find a solution I’ll be more than happy if you can share it with me :slight_smile:
Thanks !
@HammerOz @Mike_D

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Mike got it working. I just had the concepts. Fighting with Integromat myself at present… or is it webflow :fist_right::fist_left:t3:

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I’m also having this exact same issue. Just posting since it would be great to have line-item support on webflow’s side.

It would be great. However, if you end up doing more integrations, you will inevitably need to master the advanced tools in zapier or integromat for formatting / bundling / unbundling data. It’s powerful stuff.

I’m unable to flatten Arrays in zapier. Do you have a workaround for that

Can you explain the goal? Do you need to create line items from a zap without line item support? If so Or do you actually need flattened array to pass as json? I haven’t done this, but I am sure the formatter tools are there to create the json you need.

Jumping in to say this problem of Webflow not supporting line items is still ongoing. I’ve 95% done with an e-commerce integration for ShipStation and the last hurdle is line items support to get the whole cart to post as a ShipStation order. Zapier says Webflow’s API (v1) does not support but they think (v3) does and Webflow has not made it available to Zapier.

They’ve recommended I write a pattern recognition code and rely on formatted to patch it together. Dealing with that elephant today, hopefully, it works out. If so, I’ll post a full writeup on the forum in the coming days.

You may want to check out to replace zapier in this instance. Their solution is more developer based, but it allows you to really break down the limitations of pre-made zaps.

I might have convinced the client to go with Shippo instead but I’ll be trying RegEx today as Zapier recommended it, then I’ll check out if it turns out to be a dead end. Thanks for the referral!

You can create your own line items with Zapier for apps that don’t have official zapier line items steps. Utilities are more powerful than standard line item supported steps allowing you to customize your fields which I don’t think many of the standard apps with line item support do.

You might need to catch a raw Webflow webhook with a zapier webhook using the current ecommerce api as opposed to using a webflow’s zapier app.

Edit: Even though Shopify and Xero have line item support, I had to use utilities because I needed another field shopify was not providing in it’s lines. Bottom line= learn Zapier utilities because you are going to need them at some point. All this is doable in Integromat as well.

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I’ll definitely check this out. Ultimately I put the client on Shippo, which has its own downsides :confused:

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