Webflow needs an app similar to Wp Rocket

As excellent as webflow hosting is, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of performance.

Because we are unable to do preloads, Cache configuration and better optimization in CSS and Js.

Because of this, pages made in Wordpress, using Wp Rocket, have better optimization than pages in Webflow.

So if you add an App like Wp Rocket, on webflow, it would be revolutionary.

We need this, please, to have more performance and more results.

Matheus, we implement this regularly for our clients using a reverse proxy setup we call Hyperspeed. Images are automatically optimized to WEBP’s and delivered from an edge cache. HTML, JS and CSS are optimized and edge cached, it’s fast.

We see about a 20 point improvement in lighthouse scores.

While we generally don’t mess with script placements, adding “defer”, etc., these are all possible in the right circumstances with this kind of setup. So is upgrading jQuery, for example, which we frequently need to do.