Website pagespeed issues

Hi guys,

Yesterday I’ve started learning webflow. For a long time I’ve used WordPress and I needed something new and powerful.

So far I finished the Webflow 101 course and I was curios about the website page speed and I was impressed about how… not optimised is webflow.

This is the website they created and also optimised it on this course:

and here is the page speed (59-60-70 score):

Also, I’ve been curious about other builder and how will be and I WAS IMPRESSED:
Here is almost the same page created in Bricks:

I didn’t spend time to optimise it at all, the mobile is a disaster and it is supposed to have a lower score then webflow, no? but I was impressed when I saw 100 points…

Please don’t come with reply like: Optimise your images, clean unused CSS… for webflow website this was already made by them (and honestly I was expecting a 100 points on pagespeed, but my bricks website where I didn’t spend time to clear the unused CSS scored a better score)

Any ideas on how we can manage to do the same with webflow or just that’s it, we need to get used to a lower score point on pagespeed.

Thank you

Webflow is built for designers, so it doesn’t touch your media and effectively pushes all of the optimization burden onto you directly. On the plus side, you’ll never have blurry images due to over-optimizations. On the minus site, a whole lot of extra work.

Typically for clients who use Webflow hosting and have a lot of CMS content, it’s unreasonable to get them to optimize every image consistently before adding to the CMS. To resolve that I use a reverse proxy with edge caching which typically brings scores up to mid 90’s.

What that suggests is that a significant part of the difference is just in Webflow’s hosting framework design itself and CDN design itself.

It’s up to you to decide what platform approach suits you and your clients best.

Thank you for your reply @memetican
Can you please expand a little bit more about “To resolve that I use a reverse proxy with edge caching which typically brings scores up to mid 90’s.” I don’t quite understand how to do

Thank you

If you want to go that route, be prepared to invest a few weeks into learning and development- there’s a lot there. You’ll find some guides in the forum and a number of general ones online as well.

I build these often for clients if you need help.