Pre Sales: webflow perfomance


We are going to switch to Webflow soon. But the main website does not pass the speed test by itself.

Is it a common situation for all webflow-hosted websites?

Thank you!

If you load a bunch of third-party scripts onto a site like Webflow, it typically kills performance. A base site with just the core css and js assets loaded can score in the 90’s for mobile.

The improvement people have noticed recently is not due to anything webflow has done per se, rather changes in lighthouse.

So you can build a high performance site, but like any HTML page, what you load affects speed.

Here is a project I use to track baseline performance and as a model for codepens I build.

Jeff, thank you for your reply and explanation. I’ll keep that in mind. That one web site provided by you is a very close to perfection btw :slight_smile: