Dissapointing Pagespeed Scores hurt our Business

Defer, Minify, Compress, Convert, Delete, Optimize -
Google can’t meet it’s own requirements etc.

I’ve been through the book -

But i just can’t help but wonder how optimised Webflow is for speed and SEO - In all of the tests, the Webflow files seem unnecessarily large, to the point that we FAIL tests, while our competitors don’t.

Is it even possible to get a green score with webflow? How can i reduce the large files?

Here is my site Read-Only:

If you want excellent performance results, hire Jeff Selser, @webdev in this forum.

You can get moderate improvement ( maybe 20 points ) by building a reverse proxy which automatically converts all images to WEBP’s and edge-caches your content for quicker response. But it’s only part of the picture.

Are you referring to this stuff for cloudflare ?

What exactly can Jeff do? And are people okay with this kind of performance from Webflow?

Yep, that’s the basic approach. Cloudflare apps are no longer available though.

Talk to him, he’ll spell out your options. What he recommends will depend on your site and your goals.

Thanks for the response. I found your page on sygnal here:

I think one additional thing that is slowing us down is that we have E-Commerce enabled, even though it’s not necessary - a shame we can’t turn it off.

Do you personally agree with this blog?

Thanks, i’ll message Jeff

hi @nuki26 FYI The CEO’s article is a decade old, which is an eternity in the fast-paced world of web technology. It’s important to remember that trust in marketing claims can be precarious. As mentioned by @memetican, turning to @webdev might be your best bet for up-to-date insights.

And it feels just like yesterday!

Thanks will do!