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Webflow landing pages for SEA campaigns?

Hi, this is only my second post, I absolutely love Webflow and I always do my research when I struggle with something, but I can’t find answer to this. Hope you can help me.

We created landing pages through Webflow ( for our Google Ads campaign purpose. The problem is we are encountering some technical debt each time we want to publish (due to CSS class mainly). Because all our website is on Webflow.

My questions are:

  • Is it possible to scale with Webflow landing pages? How are you organized in your company to do that and avoid technical debt?
  • or there is no choice but to use a dedicated tool for landing pages needs (like Hubspot Landing pages, Unbounce, WeWeb, etc.)

Thanks a lot for your help

Our method is to use utility-first global classes.

For example, this is a navbar that: has a white background, a level 1 shadow, is a flexbox, aligned center, justified spaced, padding 8px in mobile, padding 16px left and right, margin 24px left and right
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 2.09.33 PM

Avoiding combo classes and only creating a couple custom classes for unique cases like positioning. Very easy to just do this over and over again for several sites, and everyone will understand what is happening without having to dig into styles or guess where the styles are inherited from.

We’ve publicly shared the library we use.

This is exactly the method we choose for this reason too. We do find there are always specific landing page tweaks we need to make because these pages have lots of experimentation.

For one client (who had about 50 pages all with slightly different styles which were mostly related to landing pages only) we broke it out into separate hosting on a sub domain to avoid affecting the main website too much and better organise everything and the PPC manager could have reduced and more appropriate privileges.

There is definitely a strong argument for something like Unbounce but for what we do the performance improvement and proper control is worth sticking with Webflow for.

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