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Webflow for a landing page agency?

Hi all, I’ve been very impressed with Webflow as I learn more about it, but I’m wondering if it’s the right fit for our agency. We build landing pages for multiple clients. That’s all we do. No PPC, no SEO, just landing pages.

Sometimes we host the pages for the client, and other times, they host them.

What I’m wondering is if Webflow is a good solution for this use case.

The plans and pricing do not seem to favor this type of setup, where we’d be able to host multiple single pages on different domains all from the same account. If I understand the pricing correctly, each landing page would need its own “site plan.”

I wish the plans were similar to what some of the popular landing page builders have, like Unbounce and Instapage, where you can host unlimited domains from the same account.

What are your thoughts on this? Is Webflow a good solution for this type of setup?


Hi Nicholas

I’m currently in the exact same situation. The Site Plans could be billed on to our costumers, but if they want 10-20 different landing pages for differens leads or product, then this solution becomes very expensive very quickly.

I’d love it for Webflow to add some sort of landing page optimized plan.