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Landing pages separate to the website

Hi, I’ve created a site using Webflow. The client now wants a series of landing pages for specific marketing campaigns. They don’t want these to interfere with the website at all.
Is this possible? If so what is the best way to do this? Would we have to essentially build (and and pay to host) all these separate single page sites?

You can design the landginpages in webflow and publish them on a free webflow domain and host them for free somewhere with wordpress using the new webflow plugin.

Advantage over exporting the code and hosting it fully external: you can adapt the landingpages via webflow cms at any time.

If your customer wants to administrate the content of the landingpages himself, you would have to get one paid plan for the hosting with webflow, so that the editor works for your client. You can then design the individual landingpages as individual static pages with cms items (if needed) in one single webflow project and publish them separatelly via the wordpress plugin to several individual worpress installations, each with different domains.