Landing Page or something else?

Company has two divisions, and a separate website domain for each division. What would be the best way to publish so viewers can choose which site to go to? Possibly a landing page that has links to each site or some other method. Please advise? Thank You!

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Hi @willz this is more of an opinionated UX choice versus anything specific to Webflow. If you search Google you’ll find a ton of resources that dig through different UI/UX patterns with results of what is typically the best approach.

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I often have clients with 4 or 5 webflow sites due to the way their corporate divisions are branded separately.

The pattern I prefer is simply to have a consistent theme across the sites, and a matching top-nav bar that allows for quick navigation to other divisions. Usually this is a thin black bar at the very top, so that it won’t conflict with colors or impede layout, but is easy to find if you’re looking for it.

Companies like IBM have done this for years.

This balances SEO and accessibility, so no matter which product / company / location they search for, they can access the whole family.

This is the foundation, then depending on the specifics of the company, I may add two additional layers.

Layer 1 is a central directory. If there is a holding company or a central brandhead, I may make the homepage a directory of the business divisions, or a map if they’re franchisees / locations of the same business. I’ve found this has very limited use… the only people that really visit holding company sites are shareholders.

Layer 2 is an intelligent router. In the case of a multinational, the same business may be running in several countries, and you want to direct them to the relevant one for their location. That gives better pricing, local offers and shipping rates, legal & language advantages.

GeoIP lookups are pretty reliable at the country level, so here I’d just detect if they’re in the right country for the site, and if they’re not, I’d either do a pop-up suggesting a more local one, or auto-redirect them depending on the client’s business requirements.

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