Webflow landing page to Squarespace website


I’m creating a landing page in Webflow, but need it to be published on a domain where there’s a Squarespace website. Their main website is for example brand.com, and I need the Webflow landing page on brand.com/presale.

I’m a little confused. What’s the best approach to publish the landing page on a URL-address like that when the main site is on Squarespace?

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If the site is on SquareSpace, then that is where the page needs to exist. You could have a redirect on your SquareSpace site that sends the visitor over to a Webflow hosted sites.

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Gotcha, thanks. My thought is if the main website was for example Wordpress, we could easily just export the landing page and put it in a subdirectory on the server. Or we could even use the Webflow-plugin with Wordpress. But since it’s Squarespace, we’re not even able to export and put it on the server, right? The only option is to redirect from Squarespace? Or consider using another domain? Or a subdomain? Am I thinking clearly? :slight_smile:

I don’t believe so. I know you can build a custom theme so It may be possible to have a custom template page. See SquareSpace docs. As to redirects … URL redirects – Squarespace Help

You can always host the page on another site that is either on a subdomain or new domain.

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