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How to Publish A Webflow Site to

Hello, I am creating a website for a client on Webflow. It is now finished and they have asked me to link the site I have created to the domain
I have published site before to Domain names such as through the DNS Managment Settings / A Records / Cname Alias method. I am stumped when it comes to link my site to just a slug on there domain that they already have hosted by a Content Management System Called SharpSchool.

Any Help on this? I really could use it!

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, thanks for the post and the question. At the moment, our redirection capability only works for sites hosted in Webflow.

If you were to host the domain in Webflow, and point that to your site, then you could redirect to pages on your Webflow site.

To accomplish this you would have to use your own server for hosting and setup your own 301 redirects using .htaccess or something like that.

Does that answer your question? Cheers, Dave