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Can webflow host a page on a pre-existing subdomain?


I need to build a sort of landing page (for a marketing campaign) as a part of a client project.

This page must be published to a temporary subdomain at a site that already exist but is not hosted on webflow. So the domain for the site must be www. clientdomain/ourcampaignsite (not just re-direct to another site)

I’d prefer to use webflow for this. For the moment this is the info we’ve gotten from the client’s programmers:

The majority of the applications they’re building is Node.js - so if building one of those it should work great. A simple HTML application shouldn’t be a problem either.

They don’t want anything semi-manual that they have to upload themselves and are suggesting setting up a Github repository to allow us to upload (and update) the code there.

As we’re designers rather than developers (hence we love webflow) we’re wondering if anyone knows if it’s 100% possible to use webflow for this?

Is hosting on webflow an option or is the export code–> github repository - approach a better way to go?

Thanks a ton!


Hi @sebhallqvist did you get a solution worked out?

The domain/sub-domain part can be a little confusing but you can do what is requested, it’s just simple DNS point of that domain. It can sound complicated but sub-domains are simple a way to have the main domain name and add another name in front of it - to make it appear as if it’s in the same location. You can have a “” on a server in one place. And you can add “” and have it in another country, it won’t matter. Just a way for you to keep the URL’s in the address bar uniform.

Hi @garymichael1313

Thank you for taking the time.

We did not work it out yet as in this specific case we wanted to make completely sure it was possible before choosing in which direction to proceed.

So essentially what you’re saying is that when the landing page is finished we can just publish it as usual and add the www.clientdomain/ourcampaignsite url?

Great news if that is the case.


Oh sure! It happens a lot actually. As long as the service application allows for your own domain, then you can them. I’ve actually built sites hosted on GoDaddy, the clients wants a store, then we purchase (, and they wanted it hosted with a friend’s store on another location, we just point that sub-domain to the other DNS and done.

You’ll be fine using Webflow.

Cool man, thanks! @garymichael1313

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